Spa Facials

Relaxing Face & Head Massage – Duration: 30’ / Price: 20€
Special massage techniques are used on the neck, shoulders, scalp and temples in order to relieve built up tension in these areas. It also helps relieve symptoms of headaches/migraines.

Herbal Compress Face Massage – Duration: 40’ – Price: 35€
Special face compresses, filled with herbs and salt crystals, are dipped in essential oils (chosen by your therapist) which leave a healthy glow to the face.

Pomegranate Therapy – Duration: 60’ / Price: 40€
The pomegranate is known for the treatment of dry or loose skin. Its amino acids strengthen skin revitalization, heal irritations and imperfections on the epidermis and normalize the functioning of the sebaceous glands. It is also a very good moisturizer, which protects the skin from ageing and environmental burdens.

Rejuvance – Natural Facelift – Duration: 60’ / Price: 50€
Rejuvance is a facial massage based on using special techniques which work as a natural facelift. The face is left looking visibly brighter, younger and relaxed and the skin smoother with fewer wrinkles.

Eye Therapy – Duration: 40’ / Price: 30€
A complete therapy for the delicate eye area, treating wrinkles and dark circles.

Hydrating Therapy – Duration: 60’ / Price: 35€
Deep moisturizing treatment with Hyaluronic acid.

Mud Therapy – Duration: 60’ / Price: 30€
Brightening, toning and restorative mud mask from Reichenau, Austria.

Chocolate Therapy – Duration: 60’ / Price: 30€
Especially recommended for tired, dull and sensitive skin.

Vitamin C – Duration: 60’ / Price: 40€
Antioxidant therapy used to protect the skin from free radicals, skin-aging and dark spots whilst improving the skins’ defense.

Caviar Omega3 – Duration: 70’ / Price: 50€
Anti-aging and skin toning therapy with caviar Salmo Ovum, omega3 and omega6. Rich in protein, vitamins, amino acids and minerals, Caviar provides the skin with the necessary components for the optimum function of the skin cells.

Cryolift Firming Therapy – Duration: 60’ / Price: 40€
Cryolift is a treatment suitable for restructuring and restoring the firmness of the skin. It contains ingredients that produce a strong sense of coolness, with spectacular, pain-free firming effects. Strengthens skin support tissues, revitalises and restores skin elasticity.

Gold & Pearl Therapy – Duration: 70’ / Price: 45€
A unique treatment for all types of skin that offers firming, elasticity action against wrinkle shine, and luminosity. The treatment with gold and pearl refreshes, gives you instant hydration, visible stimulation and an impressive youthful shine on the skin!

Gua Sha – Duration: 60’ / Price: 40€
Gua Sha is a rejuvenating, detoxifying and firming massage, which is performed with upward movements and works either therapeutically or preventively as an anti-aging method. It relieves tension in facial muscles, enhances blood circulation and encourages lymphatic drainage while smoothing fine lines, restoring a youthful, radiant look and treating facial sagging painlessly and completely naturally, without leaving scars on the skin.

Staphylotherapy (anti-aging): 60’ / Price: 45€
Staphylotherapy is a skin detoxification method with a strong moisturizing and anti-aging effect. The grape mask included in this treatment gives radiance, regenerative, reparative, moisturizing properties, freshness and revitalization of the skin!
So take advantage of the precious substances of grapes and enjoy a facial grape therapy!